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Julius and Milton Forchimer work for their cousin in Nurnberg Germany untin 1923. The company was Joseph Kraus & C0. They made toy trains named Fandor after Milton's and Julius's mothers, Fanny and Dora. In 1924 they moved to the US and started their own toy company. They reversed the name and called it Dorfan. They made toy trains starting in 1924 but the company could not survive the depression and ended in 1933. Trains were produced in both wide gauge and a narrow gauge equal to "O" gauge. The locomotive bodies were cast with Zinc-alloy which had not been perfected at that time. Most of the castings have crumbled with the passing of 80 years. Few of the locomotives are intact today and it is rare to find one that still runs.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jim Kelly said...
Nice! Just ran my repro 3930 Floridian croc and MTH cars on the SGMA modular layout at the World's Greatest Hobby On Tour show last weekend. Video is on the Tinplate Train Times blog at toycollector.com CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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  1. In several weeks, be aware that several "recreation" Dorfan 3920's will be up
    for sale on eBay. Colors will be available in, red w/green trim, orange w/greem
    trim, maroon w/yellow trim, olive w/red trim and possibly a black w/red trim.
    These engines will be recreated from Lionel 10's. They are not exact replicas
    but very close in appearance and will be perfect to pull your Dorfan passenger
    or freight cars if you have a running layout.